The book of Nahum.

The Overview I posted last night is really the post for this read. This is a very interesting book, one that I actually cycled through twice because it really gave us a clear picture of God’s character.  People who don’t know God would read this book and the anger and vengeance would be the theme for them.  However, I know Him and that is not what stood out to me.   I see His Hand of protection for those that are His.  As you read this, depending on the season of your life God may highlight it as historical reading, after all, this entire account is recorded in the Babylonian Cuneiform Tablets


You can also see the Final Battle where The Lord will take down Satan and his army.  Or you may need this as a personal read if you are under attack.

Have a great day and know that God is jealous for you…so put Him first.

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