Reading the Bible Chronologically 2021

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Numbers 26-27

Click here to read Click here to listen Today is a great day to put your earbuds in, listen to the audio and catch up if you are behind. 5 more days (counting today) and we are done with Numbers already. Chapter 26: When they get in the Promised Land, the land will be distributed … Continue reading Numbers 26-27

Numbers 23-25

Click here for reading Click here for listening Jaxon, yesterday you asked me why the Lord was mad at Balaam.  Great question.  Today’s read will answer that.  I didn’t want to ruin the surprise yesterday.  He knows our THOUGHTS. Chapter 23 and 24- Balak brought Balaam to the edge of the Israelite community as he … Continue reading Numbers 23-25

Number 21-22

“Numbers 21-22 (2nd post)” Click here to read Click here to listen I cannot figure out why my font is big AND I woke up late.  Arg! Look at 12 (Kadesh Barnea). Spot 13 is Edom from yesterday. So now look at 14 and 15.   That is where we are.  It is important to see it … Continue reading Number 21-22