Reading the Bible Chronologically 2021

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2 Samuel 16-18

Click here to read Click here to listen Your handout that looks like this will help you today if you look for some of the names. Names in the reading: Ziba- he was originally Saul’s servant but then became his grandson’s (Mephibosheth) servant.  Ziba is a liar! Shimei– the stone thrower (from Saul’s tribe) Absolom- … Continue reading 2 Samuel 16-18

Psalm 3,4,12,13,28,55

Click here to read Click here to listen Before you read these, take a moment to put David’s life in perspective.  Some of us will relate to a time when this mimicked our own life on some level.  If you don’t, then look for the one verse you will cling to when trials will come … Continue reading Psalm 3,4,12,13,28,55