Did you get behind in Jeremiah??? Read this.

If you did….let me say: This book was LONG.  I enjoyed it immensely and see God more loving and patient than I ever could imagine.  However, IF you are behind I want you to be with us.   In 39 days we will be in the New Testament.  In those 39 days, we are going to read TEN Books!  (I better buy stronger coffee)

  1. Lamentations
  2. Ezekiel
  3. Joel
  4. Daniel
  5. Ezra
  6. Haggai
  7. Zechariah
  8. Esther
  9. Nehemiah
  10. Malachi

So here is what you are going to do…you are going to watch this and jump in with us.  Why?  Why Not!!

Click here for the video

2 thoughts on “Did you get behind in Jeremiah??? Read this.

  1. Even though I read AND listen everyday, I still enjoy these videos. Along with your lessons, they’ve helped to fill in the blanks where I’ve missed something while reading/listening. 🙂 Thanks again!

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