Habakkuk Overview

Habakkuk asks questions we all have?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why do good people suffer?  Why are people starving and others have too much?  Why do natural disasters occur? Where is God in that?

To give you a small recap on History, we need to rewind a little : Assyria had fallen (just as Nahum predicted) So Egypt and Babylon were both contending for the spot of  World Power, which in 605 BC at the Battle of Carchemish, king Josiah was killed (very very sad) Babylon took the spot as the conquerors and everyone fell under Nebuchadnezzar.

Now Habakkuk knew that Judah would fall to this rising power (Babylon).   This was very troubling for Habakkuk who was a worker in the temple as a Levitical Caretaker.  Habakkuk questioned How could God let a wicked nation like Babylon triumph over a nation like Judah. What good could come of that??  Why does God seem indifferent in the face of evil? Why do evil people seem to go unpunished?

This book is written as a dialogue between him and the Lord.  When things don’t make sense, ask the Lord. 

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