Are you behind?

Listen, I have struggled to stay with it.  STRUGGLED!  But there is NO reason you can’t say, “I will read with them the last 2 weeks of 2020”.   Can you think of any reason? So pick up your Bible and start where we are today.  We read Titus today.  It is 3 chapters.   Paul is in prison writing to a Gentile convert named Titus on an island called Crete.  Paul gives him some teaching tips for his churches (which are in their homes).  Over the next 12 days, we are going to read:

1 Peter, Heb 1-6, Heb 7-10, Heb 11-13, 2 Timothy, 2 Peter; Jude, 1 John, 2/3 John, Rev 1-5, Rev 6-11, Rev 12-18, Rev 19-22

I will (god willing) put an overview out before you read the Peters, Hebrews, Jude, the Johns, and Revelation books the night before.

Pick up the bible

2 thoughts on “Are you behind?

  1. Good Morning Patricia, I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for this full year of reading. I didn’t find out about your emails/blog until Marchish and every time you send one of these “are you behind” emails, I try to pick it right back up! Your emails are encouraging, uplifting and informative.

    Praying for you and your family this holiday season. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year. If you decide not to proceed, I am truly grateful for all of the information I have learned through these emails and I feel closer to God because of them. ❤️

    Merry Christmas, Andrea Sadler


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