1 John Overview

I know it is Christmas night, and you may have some catching up to do tomorrow…but this is a book that stands on its own!  You will love it even if you missed a few books this week. It’s OK!

John.  This is the same John that is the author of:

  • the Gospel John,
  • 1 John,
  • 2 John,
  • 3 John,
  • and Revelation. (I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THIS WITH YOU)

The book of 1 John was likely written between A.D. 85-95.

1 John is a summary that assumes the readers’ knowledge of the gospel. This epistle indicates that the readers were confronted with Gnosticism, which became a more serious problem in the second century.  This led to two false theories concerning the person of Christ:

  • Docetism—Docetism was an early Christian heresy that promoted a false view of Jesus’ humanity. Docetism comes from the Greek dokein, which meant “to seem”; according to Docetism, Jesus Christ only seemed to have a human body like ours. (Basically, he was like a ghost).  Docetism taught that Jesus had a “heavenly” body of some type but not a real, natural body of flesh. Docetism was closely related to Gnosticism, which viewed physical matter as inherently evil and spiritual substance as inherently good.
  • Cerinthianism—making Jesus a dual personality, at times human and at times divine.

Once again, another letter dealing with problems related to false teachers.

Takes take a look at today:

Top 10 religions in the world 2020 - The Lasting Education

This book is written with a loving tone.  Words like Father, Children, My Beloved are used often.  John speaks from the heart because he has seen and experienced a lot!  He listened to:

  • the Olivet Discourse,
  • the Sermon on the Mount,
  • seen miracles,
  • heard parables,
  • was at the Last Supper
  • witnessed the Transfiguration
  • and the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

So he takes it to heart that TRUTH is under attack more so than any other Epistle writer has seen.  The temple has been destroyed, and now teachers are trying to destroy Truth.

This book will teach that Christians should:

  1. Be in fellowship with one another (True relationships with each other)
  2. Be happy and joyful
  3. Be holy (set apart)
  4. Have discernment
  5. Have confidence that they are saved.

#5 is something we all think about from time to time.  Am I really Saved??

  • Did I have a cultural conversion?  (I live in the Bible Belt-doing churchy stuff can be a culture)
  • Did I have a ceremonial conversion? (I took the right “steps,” rituals)
  • Did I have an emotional conversion? (I was wrapped up in the emotion?  Someone gave me a reason to do it?
  • Or am I Different??

How do you know?  This book will give you the confidence to know!  Ask yourself…

  1. Are you obeying God’s Word?  (I know we are not perfect, that is the point of the Word: to show us what sin is) 2:3
  2. Do you believe in the Truth?  Do you believe what the Bible says? 4:2
  3. Are you expecting Jesus to return? 3:3
  4. Are you conforming over time to His standards and not the world’s? 3:24
  5. Do you love? 3:19

I hope you have a Peace and a Hope that you are one of His children after reading this book. ❤️

2 thoughts on “1 John Overview

  1. It has been another amazing journey with you and the Bible and God. Thank you for every single minute you have poured into this. It has been life changing for me and I love you for it. Merry Christmas.

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    1. I love that. When people ask me about my Testimony, it always ends with…so I read the Bible to see what it was about it. LIFE-CHANGING. I can speak in confidence about the Lord only because I have read His book to us.

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