The book of Ephesians

If you read this today, you will see scatterings of familiar scriptures.  However, after reading these books chronologically, do unfamiliar scriptures now stand out to you?  Some read the blog first, then the scriptures, some read the scriptures first.  So be the blog author today.  What would you have written if you were me?    It’s not as easy as you think.  Try it…c’mon!

If you are not willing to do that, then tell me what stood out to you today?

One thought on “The book of Ephesians

  1. Ephesians has always been one of my absolute favorite books of the Bible. I’m pretty sure almost every word has been underlined, highlighted or notes added to this book in my Bible. For me, the whole theme of the message in it is dying to myself. Humbling myself to be the servant God has called me to be in all my relationships – beginning with my parents, to my husband, my children, my boss, my church, everyone comes before me. I am always humbled when I read it. I’m reminded and encouraged to “keep a quiet heart” – and mouth, which is often difficult. But it’s not just preaching on how we are supposed to act and behave. The ending of the book is the most beautiful part – the very vivid imagery and reminder that we have been given all the tools and power we need to live in this way we are called. It’s a rebuke, a lesson on living, a challenge and a giant pep talk!

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