2 Corinthians Overview

Paul writes a second letter to Corinth.  His purpose is

  1. To encourage them. He will also encourage to forgive and restore a sinning brother (from the ist letter)
  2. To explain to them why he has not returned
  3. To enlist their help.  He needs to give to build the church in Jerusalem
  4. To establish his apostleship (many leaders were talking bad about Paul)

Paul had been in Corinth for 18 months. He stayed with Priscilla and Aquilla.  He then started the church in Corinth. He left and received the note from Cloe with many concerns.  He writes a letter (1 Corinthians).  He leaves Timothy there to be the leader.  Timothy writes a letter to Paul to update him.  Timothy basically says “The leaders are talking smack about you and undermining you”.  So Paul writes another letter (2 Corinthians)

There are 5 sections (besides the introduction and the conclusion)

  1. Corrections- things happening in the church and his own plan to come back unraveled
  2. Explanations-the message of the Gospel
  3. Exhortations- don’t listen to these guys!  Separate yourself from them.
  4. Solicitations- he is going to explain why he needs to take up an offering
  5. Vindications- he is going to defend his apostleship and his mission.

Dec 4: 2Cor 1-4
Dec 5: 2Cor 5-9
Dec 6: 2Cor 10-13

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