100 days

Here is a Schedule to print: Click here.  We are going to start bouncing around quite a bit soon.  You may want to hang this on your refrigerator.

By the way, if you are keeping up with the reading I want to put in perspective what an amazing accomplishment so far.  It has been 100 days of reading.  14 consecutive weeks.  I hope that your view and relationship with the Lord have changed.  I hope that your view of the Old Testament has changed too. ❤️

I would love to hear what your view of the OT was before a chronological read, and your view now.  99% of you might be reading it for the first time word for word. (with some possible skimming 😂  at times like me 😂)

1 Samuel Overview – Reading the Bible in a Year-2020

4 thoughts on “100 days

  1. I had attempted reading the Old Testament a few years ago but I could never put all the pieces together. There were so many people and places it was hard to connect all the dots. But now I enjoy reading the Old Testament especially after doing the read through with you last year. This year I am reading it and remembering names and things that happened and it is much more enjoyable. So I want to thank you for all of your help and explanations with this read through it has been a huge help for me.

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    1. This is the first time I have ever done a “back to back” read-through. Usually, I take a break for years! That’s why I do the Trivia’s this year…usually, I can’t think ahead. Doing it two years back to back has been amazing! This year seems to be going much faster! I cannot believe it has been 100 days! I am loving it this year.

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      1. Well, I for one am very glad you did it back to back since I didn’t know about this blog last year. 😉 Your insight and maps have been very helpful. Thank you for being obedient to God’s call and for leading us all so well through the Bible!! I appreciate all that you do!! 🙂

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      2. I am very glad you decided to do it back to back. I didn’t want it to end last year and wasn’t sure how I was going to find another read through as good as this one so I was thrilled when you said you were doing it again. It does seem to be moving much faster this year.

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