Exodus 39-40 The End

When the tabernacle stood complete, God descended in “the cloud” that “filled the tabernacle”.  Neither Moses nor anyone else could enter it.  Finally, God was dwelling among His people. His redemption of them was now complete. He had liberated them from bondage in Egypt and had adopted them as His special treasure. He had made a covenant with them and now blessed them with His presence. He would guide them from then on “throughout all their journeys”. This is a fitting climax for closing this book.  Moses, however, was not able to enter the tabernacle because of the cloud. This indicates that more provisions were necessary before fellowship with God could continue. Leviticus explains those provisions.



Baby Moses is discovered on the Nile (artist unknown)

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Image: "Moses Receiving the Law"

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Moses did everything just as the Lord commanded him.

7 thoughts on “Exodus 39-40 The End

    1. Thank you. I read ahead yesterday and we enter Leviticus. This is where people STOP reading. I had a snow day yesterday so I spent the day researching to write a good post. I am determined not to let anyone get buried in the Levitical graveyard!! I have lots of notes so it might be a little long 🤓. I will put out an overview tonight of what to expect.

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  1. We were in a church as a young married couple where Aaron served as worship pastor. The teaching pastor did a study on Exodus that lasted approx 6 months. Every week we would come into service (me and the ladies who became lifelong friends of mine) after Sunday School laughing and whispering “Have we made it out of Egypt yet?” It was funny at the time…still today. But there was SO much to learn in Exodus. Thank you for the journey this far. It’s been a wonderful reunion for my soul.


    1. LOL. I was so confused at first. Aaron as a Worship pastor? Was it a dramatization? A modern take on Exodus? Then I realized Aaron must be your husband. 😂😂. Listen, I am out of coffee and slow-moving…(I have kids that drink coffee so we go through it like water). I need Grace on that one

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  2. Thank you so much for today’s visuals!!! I especially love the picture of the mountain and the cloud. Not sure why that one jumped out at me, but it did. Thank you so much for all that you do!! I have shared this blog with several other friends to help them as they read through their Bible this year as well.

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  3. I love the visual recap you provided, the trivia to make sure I am learning and retaining, and just thank you for all the work and love you pour into this study each and every day. I got behind for the first time this week and I was so discouraged with myself. If I am already behind in February, I will never make it! But today I vowed not to do a single other thing until I was caught up. We can do this! I know this daily study will strengthen us all, so I claim Philippians 4:13 as we enter Leviticus!

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