Leviticus 5-7

ljhortonhouse: You said last night you loved yesterday’s read.  Well, I think you will love this one even more.  Happy Valentines Day. ❤️

Guilt Offering: This is also called the trespass offering.  I actually “listened” to today’s read rather than read it.  Why?  Because it was boring (feeling a little guilty about saying that, ha…get it).  So when I listened to it I heard one word repeated: “Restitution”.  This act removed the guilt of certain sins that involved trespassing or “sinning”  against God. The Hebrew word ‘asham, translated as “guilt,” also means “reparation or restitution.” Guilt in the biblical sense is not just a feeling but a condition. There may be known transgressions that bring feelings of guilt, but there is also the condition of guilt before God, caused by sins known or unknown. Sometimes a hardened sinner has few feelings of guilt when he is the most guilty. (I call it rationalizing our sin!)  Ouch.

The trespass or guilt offering demonstrates the seriousness of violations against God (even accidental ones) and against others. An atoning sacrifice has to be made before God, and restitution has to be made to man.

OK, so now this chapter isn’t as boring as I thought.  I have to go make restitution because I am guilty of skimming and I need to reread. 😢

I got to Chapters 6 and 7:  thought “didn’t we read this already?”  We were reading about how WE offer the sacrifice, this next section is about the priests’ requirements of the offering.  We need to stop and remember that this sacrificial system IS as important as the CROSS for us.  It really is worth taking the time to read it.  The one phrase I want you to go back and underline is:

“Say to Aaron and his sons: ‘These are the regulations for the sin…

Tomorrow you will find out why….😔

Levitical Graveyard…Nope!  You can make it through this book!

  • You are going to make it. (Use the “listen to option if you need to)

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