Exodus 36-38

Today is another “Tabernacle day”.  The importance of the subject is seen since it is written about in over fifty chapters in the Bible:

  • 13 in Exodus (chs.25-31; 35-40)
  • 18  in Leviticus (chs.1-10; 16-17; 21-25; 27);
  • 13 in Numbers (chs.1-9; 16-19),
  • 3 in Deuteronomy (chs.16-18)
  • and it is a theme to eight in Hebrews (chs.3-10).

 Why?  To remind us that worship and redemption are God-Centered.  

They created the tabernacle “just as he commanded”.  The blueprint, the pattern, the plan, and the design were all made in Heaven.  Every detail is created by God (not man).  The take-home is every detail in Jesus is created in Heaven too.  We are not to “create” our own version of Salvation, Redemption, way of living, or how we worship.  We should be concerned that we follow a Jesus that most have never read about in detail.  I encourage you to think about that as we read through the Bible.  What is more important: reading the Bible written by God or scrolling on your phone.  I say that not as judgment but as encouragement since committing to a read through will be difficult.   The enemy would love nothing more than to distract you with “other” things to do other than daily reading.

I read (listened) today and could only decode about 1%.  That is 1% more than I knew before reading my Bible.  Here are some of my notes:

  • Blue represents divinity
  • Purple represents royalty
  • Scarlet represents the blood sacrifice
  • There are 4 pillars at the gate (the way to God).  ONE gate: 4 Pillars.  We enter through the tribe of Judah (Jesus) the 4 Gospels (Matthew Mark Luke and John).
  • In Numbers 38 we will read entering (trying to enter) the Tabernacle any other way leads to death.  There is only 1 way.  The way.
  • Brass represents Judgement but Silver represents Atonement.  The people would enter and look at the redemption money used to build the tabernacle and we look back on the Cross as the price paid by Jesus for our redemption.

Look at this visual:

Here are some other visuals/videos so that you have a full picture of the Tabernacle as we finish out Exodus.

Image result for tabernacle

  • If you want to take this one step further and see how the Tabernacle compares to the Temple that will be built feel free to watch this.  Click here.
  • If you are storytelling your daily read to your children here is a video for them.  Click here.

(Here are the Videos I posted on Superbowl Sunday in case you skipped that day) 😁

Since I have a Snow day today, I am going to try to push out our fun Trivia Quizzes this afternoon after I catch up on some things.