1 Corinthians Overview

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I know we already talked about Corinth the other day when Paul went there.  But he was left and received a report or letter from them.  Here is a little recap.

So far our letters to the churches all regarded the “outside” factors that affect the church.  For example,  the persecution or the false teachings that were going on in the world.  This time we are reading about the “inside” of the church and the troubles they are having.  This book is as modern as the day it was written. (uhh they all are)

First, the city of Corinth was a rich town just outside Athens.

  • Consisting of about 300,000 free citizens with 450,000 slaves by the 2nd Century.
  • Theaters would hold about 14,000 people (often for pagan worship).
  • The city included 1000 high-end prostitutes.
  • The temple in town was a temple for Aphrodite, the love goddess!  Cleary sexual immorality is a huge part of the lifestyle.
  • The city was best known for the beauty and sexuality of the woman, they all attained to look like Greek Goddesses.

So while Paul was in Ephesus he received a report on Corinth:

  1. The church was in disunity.
  2. They were spiritual immature
  3. Sexual immorality (inside the church)
  4. “Freedom on Christ” was taken out of context.

Paul also needed to answer their questions about marriage, divorce, celibacy, food, idolatry, worship, and spiritual gifts.

So Paul is going to write back and address the Churches of Corinth.

We will be in both 1 and 2  Corinthians for eight days (It’s going to be good!).

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