Zechariah Overview

Ten days to go and you are done with the OT!!  YOU GOT THIS!!! (if you are behind…have you thought about jumping in for the NT??) Oct.1.

Zechariah 12 and Biblical Prophecy | Remember… God Is in Control - Sponsor an Olive Tree in Israel

This book is about the past, present, and future. Zechariah is called the Messianic Prophet.  The book of Zechariah is quoted 40 times in the New Testament!  Look below to see why we are squeezing it in here.


This book has 3 major parts to it.

  • The 8 Visions (given all in one night),
  • the 4 Messages,
  • and the 2 Oracles.

Do I understand this book!  Nope! (Lacey thinks I am smarter than I really am when she texts me questions)   But let’s just chew on what we can and every time we read it we will peel off another layer.

11. Zechariah | Bible.org

This is a book of Eschatology (future events) just like Daniel and Ezekiel.  Tomorrow we are going to jump into the first 7 chapters.  It is not a long read BUT I do want you to know it is a Chiastic:  a-b1-b2-c2-c2-b1-b2-a.  If you need that in a visual here is an example:(but without the D’s)

Was the Gospel of John "simply" written or carefully designed? (John 5.19-30)

Many chapters in the bible are chiastic however, it is not my thing.  I took a class on it once and never went to the send session.  Ha!  BUT this one is worth looking at.

  • Vision 1 and 8 correspond
  • Vision 2 and 3 together correspond with 6 and 7
  • Vision 4 and 5 are the center.

Good Luck! 🙃

If you want a little more, watch this.  It definitely helped me. (the structure is at 1:45) BUT watch the whole thing..it’s so good!


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