Ezekiel 42-43

So as a teacher we have this week “off” to stop the spread of Covid.  I needed the ‘down time’, and even with the read right now, I am enjoying the slow pace. I did a “listen” rather than a read.  I am not going to lie, we have been drinking out of a fire hydrant for months and I have enjoyed the light read (listen) this week to rest up.  I am sure someone has written a 9-week study on this but I just needed to rest.  I did want to say that until I noticed a few things:

  • When we learn about the Tabernacle and the Temple, he described the workers and the construction.  This is just a description of the product.  God is the builder.
  • Until chapter 43, it was just a building.  When God enters it becomes a Temple.
  • There is no mention of the Ark, lamp stand, incense and show bread…He is it!
  • The glory left in the East gate, and it returns in the East gate.  The tribe of Judah stands at the east gate of both the tabernacle and the Temple.  Jesus is the tribe of Judah.


The Millennial Temple: His Sanctuary Shall Rise – Part 8