Quick Joel Overview

Introduction to Joel | Evidence Unseen

Like most of the Prophecy books, they will have a dual message.  I call it is “Split Screen” Newscast

Breaking News Green Screen | After Effects 2019 Video Template - YouTube

We talked about the difference in Minor Prophet verse Major Prophet books a long time ago.  A minor prophet book is not less important, it is separated by size.  This is a 3 chapter book, but with a major message.  The theme is “The Day of the Lord”.  The book of Joel tells us about Judah’s rescue from captivity and her restoration but it equally details the prophetic message of the Final Judgement in Revelation.

Joel uses the plagues in Exodus and projects them into the Tribulation.  How cool is that!  What is important to keep in mind is just like in Exodus, the plagues were orchestrated by God (not Moses) so will the coming judgment.

Does Joel 2:23-26 promise blessing if we make financial sacrifices? — Day of Atonement | NeverThirsty

If you want to read it now: click here.


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