Prepping for Prophecy

While cleaning the house, folding laundry, walking the dog, sitting at practice, or just not on Facebook for a minute 😉 tomorrow’s read will blow your mind if you take a moment to listen to the Tribulation in Revelation.  Before you do,  look at this:

Click here to see a clearer copy…or to print.


You won’t need to know this until tomorrow but here is your cheat sheet in case you read ahead.  Some names are going to be familiar so I will bring you to the origin of them: Genesis 10.  Click here to look at a chapter you skimmed!  Ha!

Gog is a king, chief, or leader of a nation (often seen as a god)- That’s RIGHT, they will act as ONE nation.  Scary.

  • Meshek and Tubal- Asia Minor area (parts of Iran, Turkey, and parts of Russia or the Soviet Union)
  • Persia- parts if Iran and Iraq
  • Cush-Sudan and northern Ethiopia
  • Put-Libya
  • Gomer- parts of Russia
  • Sheba and Dedan- Saudi Arabia
  • Tarshish-parts of Spain
    • Commentaries differ on the exactness of this BUT this visual give us the big picture of who will descend on Israel in the End Times.  Can you even find Israel??

So here is Revelation.  Click below.

Revelation 6-19 (If you listen to it, it is 45 minutes…reading is about half the time)

Makes watching the World News relevant huh.


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