As we begin integrating the Psalms I thought it might help to have a chart to look at.  Here are two possible handouts you may want to tuck into your Bible for a while.  It is difficult to put them chronologically, but to know what the author was facing at times will give us an interesting perspective. ❤️


  • Messianic Pointing to the coming savior
  • Imprecatory Calling on God to curse, judge, or destroy the enemies
  • Lament Calling on God for help and deliverance by individuals who are in distress
  • Thanksgiving Giving credit to God for His work on their behalf
  • Songs of Ascent Composed to be sung during the three pilgrimage celebrations observed in the Temple: Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles (Psalms 120-134)
  • Royal Psalm Composed to highlight a specific event in the life of a king: Wedding, Battle, Inauguration
  • Acrostic Each verse, or a group of verses, begins with a specific letter that follows in sequence

I have 2 handouts that I think you would like.  Before reading a Psalm you can look at the chart to see the genre. (if you like this and don’t have a colored printer, text me and I can put one in the mail to you.  615-418-9377)

Click here to see it.

Another option is this one:

Click here to see it.



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