1 Samuel 18-20; Psalm 11, Psalm 59

So the straw that broke the camel’s back for Saul was the song:

“Saul has slain his thousands,
and David his tens of thousands.”

When Saul hears the song he is infuriated and his jealousy takes over.

Here was my “AHA” moment from the reading.  Remember how all throughout Genesis we would see the Patriarchs make a mistake and then see their son follow in his footsteps or repeat the pattern.  I never saw before the: “Saul sending David to battle as a means to get rid of him….and David follows in his footsteps later!!”

Marriage: To post a picture or not post a picture…that is the question.  Ha!   It was a common practice in the Middle East to collect foreskins just like Native Americans would collect scalps.  David collects 200 when he was only required to collect 100.  You have to imagine Saul’s frustration that this guy just won’t die!!

Michal “wife of the year”.  (She did remind me a lot of Rachel…right down to keeping an idol in her house).

Chapter 20:This chapter reveals that both Saul and Jonathan realized that David was the Lord’s anointed who would one day replace Saul. However, their responses to this inevitable situation were the opposite because their desires were the opposite. Saul wanted to see his own plans fulfilled, but Jonathan wanted to see God’s will be done. Jonathan ended up choosing David, his natural rival, in preference over Saul, his natural father.

This marks the beginning of a “man on the run”.  If you think about any great song on the radio, it is usually written out of a personal experience during hardship or trial. Now is when David will write some of his best worship.  The Psalms.

Psalm 11: As David flees for 14 years he writes Psalm 11 knowing God is in control.

Psalm 59: As I read these I picture David.  A man who can kill thousands of Philistines.  A man you can kill Goliath.  Yet, a man who asks for God to help him during these times.  He KNOWS that everything he accomplishes is not from him, but from God.

Psalm 59 - Believe Trust

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