Numbers 28-30

I know what you are thinking….do we have to read this again??  Keep in mind this is a NEW generation, God has to ensure that they get the complete set of regulations for offerings that were given at Sinai. It is ok to skim or listen to it, but how awesome that if it “makes sense”.

Application:  How well are Christians today at making sure each generation knows what their Bible says?

CHANGE OF PLANS TODAY:  We have been reading for 65 days.  Last night I started getting some AWESOME recap questions in the comments.  Take a moment today to grab your Bible and skim through it.  Find something that is confusing.  If it’s not clear…ASK.  (Be prepared for me to say IDK, there is a reason I skip some things 😂😂)

10 thoughts on “Numbers 28-30

  1. “How well are Christians today at making sure each generation knows what their Bible says?”
    This very question is something that I’ve pondered a lot over the last year, but especially during this weeks reading. I grow more and more concerned over false teaching. Sin isn’t addressed so much in today’s churches. Not from what I observe. I pray the Lord make me BOLD for His kingdom.
    My husband and I are doing our best to teach the Bible to our children. I pray for them daily. I want them to share Jesus with their generation.

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    1. So right now my kids (and their boyfriends, and their friends) see me reading daily. When a topic comes up, and we start discussing it I can say with semi-confidence “That’s interesting, that’s not what the Bible says”. I am not walking them through cover to cover but when we do talk about an important topic, they know I am not quoting a newscast or an article I read about something. I can defend it with the Bible. I don’t like ever sitting in a group to talk about political or social topics, but when I am asked I do like to answer with a story from the Bible that is IN CONTEXT. Listen, anyone can take a scripture and make it fit where they want it to, but knowing the context of the scripture (for me) is the key to sharing Truth. This happened JUST yesterday and I ended it with WWJD…I said “so with that in mind, I think if Jesus had a Facebook page he would not put something like that even on his page!”.

      Ginger, what we are doing this year is SOOOOO important. How can we teach others Truth if we have not read it ourselves?

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  2. In Ch 30- when the vows are mentioned- what type of vows are we’re talking here? Is this just general promises, like “I promise to do the dishes,”

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    1. Let me start with Jesus. He says in Matthew 5″ All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” We don’t need to add anything to it as I have. “Lord, if you do this for me I will…” Just be a woman of your word. In Judges, we will see an example of this. A man is going to say to God “If you help me with this battle, I promise to sacrifice to you the first thing that comes from my home”. He just needed to say Yes to God, he didn’t have to vow anything. Guess what was the first thing to come from his home…not an animal but his daughter. 😢

      But when we do make a vow, we must keep it. I have promised in repentance to do something or stop doing something and then did not follow through. So if we do make a Vow, we must keep it.

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  3. Yes and AMEN! Norma (lookingoutlooinginblog) and I have been studying together for over a year. We meet once a week for about 4-5 hours and we talk daily about scripture, what He is teaching us and how to apply it to our lives and how to reach others.
    I told her not long ago that this must’ve been my year of consecration. I’ve been a Christian for 20 years but the last year He has really opened my eyes to His word and given me such a desire and love to truly know what the Word says.
    I’m thankful for your teaching. It helps me on this journey m.

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  4. I admittedly had to go back and re-view the offerings. Sooo much death. Daily sacrifices. Weekly. Monthly. Etc. I keep thinking to myself how entitled my children seem to be to “think their own thoughts” and I was certainly the same. Imagine being in the line of Aaron. These boys probably wanted to do their own thing — but God had a specific calling to obedience on them. It’s maddening to me now that I fully consider it. Only Jesus!! This is a visual aid I found helpful. Every time I feel exhausted with “religion” I should look at this…what a merciful God to be so kind to me. In my day of sin, He does not require my sacrifice in this way — He accepts my Faith in The Lord’s Messiah. The One and Only. And a prayer of repentance goes up as a pleasing aroma. ❤️

    Click to access Grain-J-Oil-and-Wine-Calculator_Rev_1.2.pdf

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  5. I was a day behind getting caught up. Rereading the sacrifice requirements for atonement. Daily, weekly, monthly, the devotion and planning required. I am assuming this would be for each Israelite? 600k people…1.2m lambs. So I agree with the other comments, we have it so easy now…are we taking it too much for granted.

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  6. I love both your comments. Not that Jesus wants me to feel guilty, but such conviction when I put other things in front of my daily worship time with him. They would make a sacrifice in the morning and at night. A model of how we should begin and end our day. I am guilty of sitting on the couch and looking at my Bible, TV remote, or scrolling on my phone and I have to decide which one to pick up. I am so thankful that the Lord loves me enough to forgive me daily and doesn’t contemplate “should I pick up Patricia today?”. It’s not even a thought to Him. He holds me. The difference is when I am not in my Bible I can’t feel His hold for me. I will say this has been an extraordinary start to the year for me. This year above all others I have a sense of Peace I have never had before. It is making me a better wife (I hope), a better mom, and a better teacher all because throughout the day I am mulling over the scriptures I read. ❤️


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