Behind? Confused? Lost interest? Not Motivated?

Are you behind?  Running out of motivation?  Can’t jump back in?

Sit down for 8 Minutes and watch this.  8 minutes is nothing compared to other things we look at on our screens right???

Isaiah is so hard for me.  I keep looking at the schedule to see when we will be done with it  (I know, I am a horrible person)  Sit and watch this so that when we get to Chapter 40 we are READY!



4 thoughts on “Behind? Confused? Lost interest? Not Motivated?

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m reading this on my phone, but I don’t see anything to watch.
    I am a couple of days behind🙃
    Summer camp schedules have my normal schedule all kinds of crazy. But, praise the Lord this week of camp we witnessed around 14 youth trust in Christ as their Lord and Savior & many other decisions to serve Christ.

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