Song of Songs

Mercy!  I am a mess! I wrote this and never finalized!  (It’s really not worth reading) Just move on to Proverbs!

The book reads like a drama manuscript (is that the word I am looking for? Manucritpt?  Anyway…_let’s Begin:)

Engagement (1:1-3:5)

Chapter 1:

SHE: The Shulamite woman professes her love through sight, smell, and longs to be touched.

Friends: Her posse of friends, or as Beyonce would call them: All the single ladies 🎶🎶

Verse 5 and 6 are interesting:  She is tan (that was not a positive thing like it is today) because her brothers were mad at her and forced her to work in the fields!  (Sounds like a bunch of losers if you ask me!!)

Verse 7: Does she think Solomon is a shepherd?? I love that!  She loves him NOT because he is the king.  She thinks he is a commoner!  “Veiled women” were prostitutes.  She is stating I am not one of “those girls”.

Verse 8: Friends say: “Go get him, girlfriend!! (If he likes it he should have put a ring on it)

Verse 9: Remember Solomon collected horses…so this is a major compliment! (Todd, if you tell me I look like a horse tonight I am going to throat punch you )

The chapter continues….as they sit outside:

  • And our bed is verdant (sitting on green grass)
  • The beams of our house are cedars (next to the trees)
  • our rafters are firs (in the shade)

Chapters 2 and 3 (the courtship): The woman describes herself as plain -a Rose of Sharon, BUT Solomon sees her as a lily among thorns (I guess her friends are not that attractive!  Just kidding)  These chapters are beautiful.  Trues Love.

Wedding (including the wedding night) 3:6-5:1

Solomon admires every detail of his bride at the wedding.

Reality Check: Now the hard part…Marriage

Marriage (5:2-8:14)

This stage of love is not without its share of problems. However, the king and his bride worked through them, and these chapters provide insight into dealing effectively with basic marriage difficulties.

Chapter 5 could have MANY different meanings, ones that I am reluctant to talk about.  Please read them or research them if you are curious.

So I am literally sitting here with every commentary I own and every single one from chapters 5-8 is completely different.  I have to be at work at 8:00 (yes, teachers actually have to attend training in the summer 🤐 ) I will try to read more tonight, HOWEVER, If anyone is comfortable writing in comments please go ahead.  This might be your first time reading it, or your 100th, give it a try.

Tough Book! (for me anyway)

If you need more:

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