Proverbs 10-12

As we begin we will see that a proverb is written in a short concise statement called a “maxim” that has a proven truth to it, a general rule, or a principle.

From chapters 10-22 we will read 375 maxims.  A short list compared to the 3,000 Solomon actually wrote according to 1 Kings 4:32.(Chapter 22-32 are sayings from the wise)

Most of the proverbs in this section are one verse long and contain two lines each. The second line contrasts, compares ,or completes the idea expressed in the first line. Sometimes the second line contrasts the first, and other times it merely just explains it.  I was studying with my daughter and her boyfriend and I explained it as a “Wisdom bumper sticker”.

So if you choose, I would LOVE for you to pick ONE from each chapter (3 total) that spoke to you in some way, and comment on them.  IF one confused you-ask.  Someone will research it for us.

It just hit my brain that IF we don’t reconnect next year, one thing that you could commit to is either:

  • One Proverb a day (for 31 days)


  • 1 Maxim a day for 375 days.