Proverbs Overview for tomorrow

New Book tomorrow!!! EASY SPOT TO JUMP IN!

I feel like we are in hyper-speed compared to the days of Leviticus!


  • Psalms were about our relationship with God.
  • Proverbs is about our relationship with people.

  • Psalms were about our private life.
  • Proverbs is about our public life.

Months ago I said there were 5 Poetic or Wisdom books- I scratched off the ones we have read already

  1. Job
  2. Psalms
  3. Proverbs
  4. Ecclesiastes
  5. Song of Songs

We know that Solomon wrote over 3000 proverbs.   A proverb is like a “short saying based on a long experience”.  They are designed for teaching purposes.  The Hebrew word for Wisdom is Chokhmah-meaning “to be skilled at”.  The deal is we can all sit here and absorb all 66 books of the Bible, but putting it into application brings Wisdom.

The word WISE or WISDOM is used in Proverbs 125 times!!  Not just applying any wisdom…applying God’s wisdom

The Proverbs can be split into 3 “P”s.

  • Principles:1-9 the word “my son” is used 10 times so we can conclude this is written for the “young” to learn
  • Proverbs: 10-24 righteous verse wicked
  • Precepts:25-29 completed works possibly from other writers
  • (I don’t have them in a category) but then we have Proverbs 30-31 written by Agur and King Lemuel.

The Proverbs will talk about: scoffers (I know a few),  friends, fools, wise men, righteousness, fear of God, knowledge, morality, chastity, diligence, self-control, trust in God, proper use of money, consideration to the poor, control of the tongue (I can skip that one, I am good 😂), kindness towards enemies, choice of relationships, raising children, honesty, laziness, justice, common sense…and others. (Need advice from God on ANY of those?)

This Book is NOT to be read.  This book is to be APPLIED.   There are 31 Proverbs; I read somewhere that one should be read each day for a month

So for about a week, you will read THREE chapters a day.  Easy to remember.

Jun 3: Prov 1-3
Jun 4: Prov 4-6
Jun 5: Prov 7-9
Jun 6: Prov 10-12
Jun 7: Prov 13-15
Jun 8: Prov 16-18
Jun 9: Prov 19-21
Jun 10: Prov 22-24

and then we will hop back into Kings for a bit:

Jun 11: 1King 5-6; 2Chron 2-3
Jun 12: 1King 7; 2Chron 4
Jun 13: 1King 8; 2Chron 5

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