Today we are HALFWAY done with reading the Bible.  Tomorrow we will be closer to the end than the beginning.  YOU DID IT! A brief explanation of all that we have read so far:

  • Genesis answers two big questions: “How did God’s relationship with the world begin?” and “Where did the nation of Israel come from?”
  • In the book of Job: Satan attacks a righteous man named Job, and Job and his friends argue about why terrible things are happening to him.
  • Exodus: God saves Israel from slavery in Egypt, and then enters into a Covenant with them.
  • In Leviticus God gives Israel instructions for how to worship Him.
  • Numbers: Israel fails to trust and obey God, and wanders in the wilderness for 40 years.
  • Deuteronomy: Moses gives Israel instructions (in some ways, a recap of the laws in Exodus–Numbers) on how to love and obey God in the Promised Land.
  • Joshua (Israel’s new leader) leads Israel to conquer the Promised land, then divides out territories to the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • Judges: Israel enters a cycle of turning from God, falling captive to oppressive nations, calling out to God, and being rescued by leaders God sends their way (called “judges”).
  • Ruth: Two widows lose everything, and find hope in Israel—which leads to the birth of the future King David.
  • 1 Samuel, Israel demands a king, who turns out to be quite a disappointment.
  • 2 Samual: David, a man after God’s own heart, becomes king of Israel.
  • 1 Kings: The kingdom of Israel has a time of peace and prosperity under King Solomon but afterward splits, and the two lines of kings turn away from God.
  • Song of Songs- A love song (or collection of love songs) celebrating love, desire, and marriage.
  • A philosophical exploration of the meaning of life—Ecclesicaties.
  • In 1 Chronicles we read a brief history of Israel from Adam to David, with David commissioning the temple of God in Jerusalem.
  • We also read 150 Psalms that Israel sang to God (and to each other)—kind of like a hymnal for the ancient Israelites.
  • And meditated on the Proverbs: a collection of sayings written to help people make wise decisions that bring about justice.
  • Tomorrow: 2 Kings: Both kingdoms ignore God and his prophets until they both fall captive to other world empires.

We have 20 books (some very short, 1-day reads) left of the Old Testament and then we turn the page to the Gospel.

Do you have this handout? | Bible timeline, Understanding the ...

If you need a copy of the schedule because you hate waiting for me to post (when I fall back asleep after the alarm) 🙂 Click here

There is a handouts section on the website of any cool visuals we have used if you need to reference them at any time. (I am bad about not updating it all the time, but I will try harder)

I know many of you are reading but don’t comment BUT if you want to make me smile, you will write in comments 1 thing you learned reading this year that you did not know before 2021 began,  I would be so happy.


19 thoughts on “HALFWAY ALREADY!!!

  1. All the way back to Numbers for me — and dear Korah, and his clan of pals, plus some Reubenites trying to challenge Moses. And the earth just took them and their families, even their tents. I’m still thinking to myself, “Lord let me accept whatever position you have assigned for me. Don’t let me dare want another person’s assignment. Mine will do just fine.” 😜

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  2. I can’t think of anything specific. . . Sorry I’m a terrible student. However, it is nice to be reading this year and remember the stories and a lot of the people that I had never heard of until I did the read through last year. It is also nice to be able to bring up Bible stories and feel confident that I actually know who and what I am talking about and not just basing it on information I heard from someone else. So I know I am learning a lot even though I can’t think of a specific example.
    Thanks again for all of your hard work and your dedication to this read through!!

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  3. I’ve learned so much this year, and I’m excited about what I’ve learned because it strengthens my relationship with God. Just thinking about His faithfulness time and time again to provide for His people and how He uses people in spite of themselves and all of their failures—it is amazing! By no means does this give me a pass to go and do whatever I want—I should want to do what He commands because He loves me. However, it allows me to rest in Him more and rely less on what I do. For me it looks like not being so hard on myself when I do mess up and camping out at my failure—instead repent, ask for forgiveness, and keep moving forward.

    Lastly, I never really enjoyed reading the Old Testament and I’ve grown up “in church” my whole life. Studying it has helped the New Testament knowledge I have become illuminated in a new way—the puzzle pieces are clicking!

    Thank you for all of your hard work each and every day and for sharing what the Lord has taught you. Your ministry has blessed me so much this year!

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  4. Trish I am so thankful for all the study and work that you share with us .. Each time I’ve done this with you I see it with fresh eyes and I grow closer to God with all the wisdom I gain.. I know God is so proud of you and has to smile at how you keep it so real and with so much wisdom … thank you Trish♥️

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  5. I am the overwhelmed student. Not overwhelmed in a bad way, just overwhelmed at the detail of God’s plan. And it’s so good to see familiar passages but see new details or applications through the postings and comments.

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  6. Halfway! I can’t fathom that. This year is flying by. I learn something new almost daily. Your research and charts and visuals help so much for my visual learning style. I’ve done a chronological read through for 10 years and God always shows me new things. I love that! Just recently I picked up that Samaria was the capital of Israel.

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  7. I’ve learned so much so far! Two things off the top of my head: Samaria capital of Israel and God almost killed Moses on the way to Egypt but Moses’s wife intervened with blood from their sons circumcision.

    Thank you for all your effort and study, it’s truly a blessing!!

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  8. Trish it has been a wonderful blessing to me to get to do this read through with you for a second time. I feel like I learn something new almost daily and my love & adoration for God has grown by leaps & bounds. I can’t thank you enough for all your time & effort. I’m so very grateful.

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  9. I have previously read through the Bible chronologically using a schedule that had readings 6 days a week, so it was faster paced. I have so much enjoyed this one that goes a bit slower. It has allowed me to pick up on more details and connect the dots that God has so richly woven into His story.

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  10. I think for me it’s finally understanding why some Scripture is repeated—from one book to another–for the next generation! I enjoy research and genealogy so this I understand. 😉 Patricia, thank you so much for keeping me involved reading every morning! Reading the Bible has been so informative and fun. ❤

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  11. Trish, I can’t begin to list all the new things I have learned by doing this study with you. Thank you for your commitment to us and studying The Word to bring this to us. Thank you for inviting me to join you!

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  12. The charts have been so very helpful! I never knew where the prophets fell chronologically and how they matched up with the kings. Thank you so much for all the hard work and research! This is an amazing study!

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  13. One thing I have learned is how to make this commitment to read the Bible and FOLLOW THROUGH with it, making it a priority and something I look forward to every day. I know I will retain more and more each time I do this.

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  14. I did not realize that some of Chronicles and Samuel are word for word the same! I also realize now that they’re written for different perspectives. I always learn something new every day! Thank you for your fantastic teaching and dedication!!!

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  15. I have been reading the one year bible for the past 15 years and every time I learn something new but never as much as I have doing this study with you the past two years. I’m amazed at your knowledge of the word. Thank you for all your hard work. We ALL really appreciate it! The thing that sticks out the most to me is I never realized that Samaria what is the capital of Israel, and I didn’t realize that they went into captivity in Assyria . I guess I always thought that everybody went to Babylon.

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  16. This is my second year- well I started In March 2020. This year, I lost someone dear to me. I go back through all I’ve learned. It definitely helps me make sense of things that make no sense by the world’s standards. Thanks for all the time and effort that you put in Trish! I’ve said it before- I pray extra jewels in your crown in heaven!

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  17. As you know I grew up in church as my father was a pastor. I know a lot of the Old Testament from Bible studies, but never really read it. I appreciate all the details you put together that explains the genealogies and the family divisions. I appreciate your perspective in some of the Psalms and pulling together what Jesus quoted in his teaching and dealings with the Pharisees. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide the details and guides to keep things straight! I hopped in last year with the New Testament. Looking forward to officially completing a full read through for the first time!

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  18. I wanted to comment under each of your comments! I read them as they came in and “dinged” my phone. Some of them shocked me…I didn’t know some of you were even reading and your name popped up! Other comments shocked me because I am a “newbie” compared to some of you. We have men that were raised in Christian homes, Pastor’s wives, “southerners” who grew up hearing this their whole life, business owners, a Nana from Bama, a farm girl, a Senior in Highschool, a teacher, a counselor, a missionary, a hairdresser (Terri, is that still correct to say)….and this is JUST who commented today…❤️

    I learn every time I read through. It amazes me how deep the Bible could go! (I can hear God saying, “humans have no idea how deep!” ❤️❤️. I love you all. Glad you are still in it. Keep making it a priority!! (and when you don’t, let the guilt punch you in the stomach). HAHAHAHA.

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