1 Kings 7, 2 Chronicles 4

Extra Credit Question at the bottom

So the pinnacle of Solomon’s reign was the Temple.  However, after the 7-year construction of the Temple, Solomon decided to build his Palace which was so massive it took 13 years.  We already saw the offerings and donations that funded the Temple.  Now, who is going to pay for the Palace??  Hmmmm.  This might become an issue.  Money always is.  In the meantime, let’s compare the two.

Solomon's Temple vs. Palace | Quick view bible, Bible knowledge ...


Here is a great visual so that you can see size difference between the Temple and the Palace. 😭


Solomon's Palace Model | The Temple. View from the northeast ...

Extra Credit Question:  One of the pictures has a compass rose on it.

  1. What direction was the entrance of the Temple?
  2. Why did it face that direction? (Two possible good answers here: 1 from our discussions the other from the video yesterday)

For those not in a first-time read-through: Extra extra credit– how is the funding of the palace going to bite the Hebrews in the butt?  (Very theological wording 😂😂)

8 thoughts on “1 Kings 7, 2 Chronicles 4

  1. Follow up comment from yesterday – I am bothered by the enormity of Solomon’s temple compared to the Holy Temple. But the king’s temple looses its awe factor because the meaning is not in this structure.

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    1. As I read about the furnishings today I was saddened (only because I know what is coming). I wonder if the Lord sees me receive a blessing from Him BUT knows what is coming and is saddened by that? The beautiful, ornate, valuable furniture will one day be ignored, forgotten, dusty, and dirty. THEN to make matters worse it will be stolen and used at parties and orgies. WHAT??? NOT that I am having drunken orgies at my house (who has that kind of energy at my age??) But am I using my home to further the kingdom? Am I just letting dust gather?

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  2. I agree with cfd, Solomon’s temple was way over the top but the Temple was all God. He gifted the men to have the ability to do the work specifically for the temple. Solomon’s temple got to hone in on that giftedness. I figure when he sent for the wood for the temple he had some extra thrown in for his own palace. The skill of the men that done the carving he probably said something like when you finish carving one thing for the temple come on over to my place…..but that’s just how my mind thinks. Every detail of the temple had specific purpose, not just for their benefit but also for us, parts that point us to Jesus and to our eternal home. Solomon’s palace simply points out his wealth and his wisdom. I am in awe of the temple but not so much the palace.

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  3. So the temple entrance was on the East and I know the video explained it referring back to the garden and the entrance being guarded on the East also. I was also thinking maybe it had something significant about who was guarding that side of the temple. Or maybe something to do with the symbolicness (yes that’s now a word lol) of the sun rising in the East. Just throwing some guesses out there. But would love to know your answers.

    What’s your answer for the extra extra credit too??


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