Here is the schedule: 2021

I really like “visuals”.  I recommend that you keep a folder or a small binder for any handouts that will help you as we read (just print the ones you like and take notes on them).  Here is your first one: Reading Schedule Checklist.   I already pre-loaded visuals in the “Printables” section in the menu bar so you can look at them anytime.

This is a printable version if you are a “checklist” person.  In the menu, I have the schedule posted also and you just click the day you want to read.  When Bible Gateway opens you can click the little speaker if you prefer to listen to it.(pick your preferred version too)

The second handout is your first timeline.  Click here.  Timelines (and maps, charts, and genealogies) are my favorite!

We will read the Bible in historical chronological order.  There will be times we will jump out of a book and into another.  Trust me, you are going to love it.  Before we begin a new book, I will post an “overview” of the book the night before.  Do not get bogged down with the Blog-it’s not that important-Reading the Bible is.

Read ahead or be behind!  Just be in it!  If you read the Bible and timed it, it would amount to 70 hours.  In a year that equals .7% of your time.  Sounds easy?  Nope.  I highly recommend an accountability partner (Even Paul had a team to encourage him).  Last, but most important: ask questions.  If you think your question is “stupid” you are letting the enemy whisper in your ear.  I was blessed with friends when I read my first Bible in 2009-I literally asked everything.  Maybe it was easy for me because it was “new” since I was not raised in the church.  I find people raised in church have the hardest time asking questions.  This year, I am going to ask questions in the comment section for others to help me.   If you are already excited and can’t wait to start…start!

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