Reading the Bible in 2021

Last year a group came together to read through the Bible chronologically. I created a post to give insights on my research of the day. This year I want more quiet time, less research time. Usually when I do a “Read Through” I do not look back on past notes so that God reveals new scriptures for me to dig into. 2021 I am going to be a reader, (not a writer so much). I am going to use past posts so that I can spend more time in the Word, less time in commentaries.

If you would like to read through it with me, I would love that. I am going to be transparent: many will not finish it. You have to decide if this is going to be your commitment for 2021.

Tips if you choose to do this:

  • Set a time of day when you will read. Having a plan helps.
    • Choose to read while drinking coffee
    • Listen in the car on the way to work
    • Read on your lunch break
    • Listen while you are folding laundry
    • Read/listen on treadmill
    • Read each night before bed
  • Be aware of things in your life that can be eliminated or postponed until the reading of the day is complete.
    • Read before Social Media scrolling (ouch) Insta, Face, Tik Tok, even on-line shopping
    • Read before Netflix/Hulu watching
    • Read before you play a game on your phone
    • Read before you catch up on the news of the day
  • Do you need accountability?
    • Find someone to read with you who will shoot you a text to make sure you are on track
    • Tell a spouse or a child to ask you what the reading was about each day
  • What do you do if you get behind? (you will)
    • Find a place you will be distraction-free (the park, your car, a closet in your house maybe), and just sit and read/listen to the schedule (not the posts…skip those)
    • read during “spare time”- sitting in a parking lot waiting for practice to be over
    • read in the pick-up line at school
    • staff meetings (just kidding…sort of)
  • Be prepared to say “I am pretty far behind, I am going to jump in where everyone else is”
    • This is my 5th read through and the #1 feedback I get is “I just got too far behind, I regret not skipping and jumping back in”. I am telling you, it is worth skipping and jumping in rather than giving up and not reading at all. TRUST ME.
  • The site can be viewed on a phone, tablet, or laptop. (easiest is a laptop, but keep the icon on your phone for convenience
  • Last but not least, some books are “hard to get through”- stick with it, you will be glad you did. I promise.