Job 38-39

Well, Job asked for a “trial” to plead his case. More importantly, he just wanted to hear from God.  He believed in God’s Sovereignty and knew if he could just hear from Him he would have Peace.   So he finally gets to hear from God.  However, I think in Job’s head this trial would have gone a little different.  He thought he was going to plead his case.  Instead, he is left speechless! ❤️

Chapter 38 and 39.  The first verse alone is actually all that Job needed to hear.

Then the LORD spoke to Job out of the storm.

The LORD=Yahweh.  Yahweh is the self-existent eternal God- “I AM”. He is completely whole within himself, and he is eternal  – he has always existed, and he always will. He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega.

Job has asked WHY (nothing wrong with that).  He was looking for answers? (nothing wrong with that either)  But He does not answer Job directly.  Instead, He reminds him us WHO HE IS.  We need to trust God for WHO He is, not for what he does.

God begins with over 60 rhetorical questions that cannot be answered by humans.  Our view of God tells us a lot about our relationship with God.

God describes how he is the Creator of not just the earth, but the galaxy.  He tells the oceans how far they can go in a tide, and where the light is to shine.  He directs rain, snow,  and hail for His purposes. Nature reports to Him ( v. 35).  He grows crops and orchestrates the food chain/web.  He gives strength to the animals that need power, and agility to the smallest creatures. He created each detail in the animal kingdom.

Do not skim chapter 38/39, you may miss His awesomeness.  Click here to listen to it.

What gave you wonder?  I will share mine.  Rain. I thought about how heavy water is, yet God keeps it suspended in the air until He commands it to fall.  I thought about how we say “I hope it does not rain.  When in reality, when it rains we should be sitting in awe and offering thanks.  I am amazed at my own selfishness that I think of rain as an inconvenience, not as God’s provision and blessing for the earth”.