Are you behind? Watch this. 😁

It’s weird how sometimes the more free time we have, we actually get behind.  Hashtag true story.  If you are behind, I made this for you:

If you get confused because you skipped a book you can refer to the printables. I added some today under ‘Leviticus’.


6 thoughts on “Are you behind? Watch this. 😁

  1. I am so surprised I am not behind. For once! Honestly, life has been so crazy I need to be in the Word everyday. I did a 5-day/week reading plan last year and I just waited and did it all in 2-3 days. Totally missing the point of establishing a daily reading and time to reflect with God.

    I knew the first week of January when I hadn’t committed to a plan, I was already being defeated…I’m so thankful you are doing this. It’s an encouragement to me to just keep focused. While everything else is nuts — this is my constant. 🙏


  2. Live this video! I’ve been somewhat behind with the blog but not with the Word. I’m going to take the time this weekend to catch up on the study as well. Love this video!! Too cute!

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